Promotool Help – Tour Dates

Promotool is no longer available. Instead of promotool the free music data exchange service MDX should be used.


This module helps you managing tour dates. The data can be either entered directly into the table or using a comfortable editor. The table can be sorted by clicking on the desired column header.


The country may be selected from a list. If a country is selected and a corresponding list of city names is present, it is loaded into the “city” box. After adding of the concert, the date field is increased by an adjustable amount of days. It can also be determined which input fields are cleared after adding. See “options – add concert options”.



Subsequent editing

The date and the time can be changed subsequently easily using the +/- keys. See “options – key control”. This functionality must be activated before (checkbox “active”).


Click in a date cell, and increase with the key ” Num+ ” the value by a certain amount or decrease the value with the key ” Num– “. The same applies for time cells. Additionally it can be determined whether the following cells are also changed (checkbox “touch following”).


The data can be exported as a standard csv file or a gigpress csv file for importing into the popular wordpress plugin “GigPress”. See “options – export”.


If desired, additional export formats can be added.