How to create a *perfect* EPK?

Press kits are a common promotional tool used by musicians, labels and promoters when launching a new album or starting a tour. If you consider the following checklist, the journalists will love you!

Press kits should have this set of components:

  • The complete album as mp3 files (320kb/s, don’t forget to tag the files)
  • The cover of the album (in high and low resolution)
  • The track list of the album (title, duration, music composer, lyricist, producer)
  • The Story behind the album
  • Obligatory album information:
    o artist name,
    o album name,
    o artist provenance,
    o genre,
    o release date
  • Furthermore:
    o label name,
    o label code,
    o distributor,
    o EAN/UPC/JAN,
    o catalog number,
    o total duration of the album,
    o total number of tracks
  • Two or more high resolution press photos with credits
  • Biography / history of the artist
  • The line-up (the musicians playing on that album or tour)
  • Discography (all previous albums released by the artist)
  • Contact information for the band’s label, manager, publicist, or other representatives
  • Links to music clips
  • Links to promotional videos
  • Links to websites (Facebook etc.)
  • Tour dates (in text format and in csv format for import)
  • Press reviews and interviews
  • “RIYL” or “recommended if you like” list (list of artists in similar styles or genres)
  • High resolution photos or images of key executives, the company logo etc.
  • A fact sheet (one-sheet) with all important data in a format which emphasizes key points concisely
  • The booklet as pdf

Create three compressed file containers (rar or zip etc.):

  1. the mp3 files (it’s ok, if you put the album cover into this container)
  2. the image files
  3. the remaining files

Keep always in mind

  • Time is money. Therefore, provide several text lengths and several text formats (pdf = good for printing, txt = good for copying, rtf = good for both).
  • Don’t “yell”: Using only capital letters is understood as yelling. So, don’t use words with only capital letters.
  • All texts should also be available in English.

Very important

  • Scan the files for viruses before spreading the press kit!
  • Do not attach the three containers to your email, but provide links for download.